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The Perfect Storm?

Our thoughts on today's economy.

There is a perfect financial storm on the horizon and have made it our mission to help the average American prepare for some hard economic times. During economic and Geopolitical turmoil it's important to turn to the assets that have held the test of time: Gold and Silver.

If our currency begins to collapse you are going to need a Silver Bunker!

Who we are, and what we do.

Silver and Gold are God's money.

Silver Bunker is a Christian based precious metals company that hopes to warn everyone about the coming dark side of paper money.

Fiat currency is a man made invention that has persuaded almost everyone to trade their Gold in for paper. We hope to help you protect your family by converting your hard earned wealth back into physical gold and silver.

It’s time to trade your fiat currency in for God’s money.

“The Silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the Lord or Angel Armies.” Haggai 2:8

We are living in uncertain economic times, there has never been a better time in your life to financially prepare for your families future. During a dollar collapse anything asset denominated in US Dollars: CD's, Bonds, checking or savings accounts lose all of their purchasing power.

That new flat screen TV is pretty cool huh?

Your TV might have cost you $80,000 over the last two years!

I was recently told by a friend of mine that his family doesn’t have enough money to buy silver even though he knows that he should be. I told him to sell his huge flat screen TV that he just bought and buy silver.

Unfortunately he would prefer to watch a bunch of fat over paid guys run a football up and down the field and ignore all the signs of a coming dollar collapse. Seriously you don’t need your TV and you don’t need to spend $1200 a year on cable.

What if I were to tell you that purchasing that TV may have cost you $80,000? That might get your attention.


Silver Eagle

1 oz Silver Eagle

The 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin. Click below to learn more.

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Silver Philharmonic

1 oz Silver Philharmonic

The 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin. Click below to learn more.

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Silver Maple

1 oz Silver Maple

The 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Coin. Click below to learn more.

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Silver Koala

1 oz Silver Koala

The 1 Kilo Australian Silver Koala Coin. Click below to learn more.

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Silver Buffalo

1 oz Silver Buffalo

The 1 oz American Silver Buffalo Coin. Click below to learn more.

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